Special Services:

  • BluTech Lenses (advanced blue light blocking lenses) Eyes On Main - BlueTech Lenses
  • Chemistrie Clips (magnetic lens clip-on) Eyes On Main - Chemistrie Clips
  • Transition Lenses (adjust from clear indoor to dark outdoor) Eyes On Main - Transition Lenses
  • Crizal and other Premium Anti-reflective Coatings Eyes On Main - Crizal and other Premium Anti-reflective Coatings
  • Polorized Lenses (Reduces glare from water, ice, snow, and asphalt) Eyes on Main - Polarized Lenses
  • Mirror Coated Lenses (for both indoor and outdoor) Eyes On Main - Mirror Coated Lenses
  • Matte Finishing Eyes On Main - Matte Finishing
  • Custom Tints for Lenses (get custom tinted lenses made for any frame in almost any color) Custom Tints Glases
  • We Accept FSA & HSA (Have a Flex or Health Savings Account? We accept both at our store) FSA & HSA
  • Same Day Prescription Lens Options* (We can make prescription glasses on site in about an hour!* Progressive, Bi-focal and other specialty lenses could take up to a couple of business days) Same Day Prescription Lens Options
  • VSP Insurance (Out-of-Network) (We except VSP insurance "Out-Of-Network" Only. We can make an itemized receipt for you to submit to any other eye-care insurance you may have) VSP Insurance

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